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Update Null’s Clash 14.555.9 with Capitals (APK & IPA)

A massive update of Null’s Clash to version 14.555.9, where capitals have been introduced.

One of the biggest updates of the private server on the world of Clash of Clans. Added all new skins for heroes and scenery. Also, have not forgotten about the capitals, at the moment you can pump them with his clan. Clan raids themselves at the moment not implemented, they need a little more time for proper functionality.

Null’s Clash 14.555.9

Null's Clash 14.555

The world of clash is developing outside of the main village, a few years ago we got a builder village and now clan capitals. Although the builder’s village is not practically developed, the clan capitals should get interesting innovations. This is the period of development for players, when the same process can participate as pumped and beginning players. On our server traditionally, players at the highest levels and every new game content is perceived as positively as possible. Now you will have the opportunity to compete between clans not only in wars, but also between capitals.

Donate for Raid Medals

In addition to unlimited resources, 200,000 raid medals are now available on Null’s Clash. Which can be used, for example to strengthen the clan fortress. Also later raid medals can be spent at the merchant.

Capitals in Null's Clash 14.555

At this time, the server has not introduced any acceleration for improving capitals. You will need to manually obtain capital gold from the forge. To do this you can use any other resources that are exchanged for capital gold. For this it is important to have an active clan, which will help you pump your peak faster. A little later will be implemented clan raids.

New hero skins

Do not forget that the server added all the latest skins for the heroes. Some of them can be bought for crystals in the store in the tab “Cosmetics”.

New base designs

For more individuality of your village, pay attention to the decoration of the bases. You can select them by clicking on the town hall and select the design you like. If the icons do not load, it is worth waiting a while.


  • Added clan capitals.
  • Added new village designs.
  • Added new skins for heroes.
  • Added raid medals.
  • Added capital gold.
  • Added unit – Mountain Golem.


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  1. Update nulls clash

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  3. Please make another server which is same like the original coc with limited troop capacity and other things.

  4. Please fix the watching live button so we can watch live attack in war and builder base, please make the switch troop button in builder base available, fix the the some hero skin and some scenery that are still not available yet, fix the bug that make we cant buy the other slot of war base layout using gems, lastly, please fix the missing gold pass button in the game. There are so many people play this game so please dont make us disappointed. Thank you.

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  6. Hi, the exact time of your update Hall 15 can be announced sooner impatiently I am waiting

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