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Null’s Clash 14.635.5 – minor update for iOS and Android

One of the most minor updates of the private server Null’s Clash to version 14.635.5 for iOS and Android.

Many have asked to update this server, but there is not much of it. All related to the lack of new content, but the changes are, on this update to be. One of the strange innovations, now training troops free of charge, which the server has no effect.

Null’s Clash 14.635.5

Nulls Clash 14.635.5

What’s new in 14.635.5

  • Army training is now free in the home village. Although it does not particularly affect the server, but the prices of units and spells removed.
  • Quick donate any Super Troop to your clan member’s Clan Castle!
  • Balance changes and a bunch of neat Quality of Life improvements.
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Fixing server performance (lags) issues.
  • Started upgrading nulsa klesh with the new TH 15.

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