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Null’s Clash – the latest IPA for iOS

Null’s Clash with the new TH 15 is a private server that can be installed on iOS devices using the IPA installation file.

Our best private server, which can be installed not only on Android, but also on iPhone or even iPad. All iOS devices starting from firmware version 11 are supported. Install Null’s Clash on your iPhone in parallel with the original game. That’s what many players do to hone their attack skills.

Null’s Clash v.15.83.20 with TH 15

  • Last update: 28.12.2022
  • Client version: 15.83.20
  • Server version: 2.18.1
  • Minimum iOS version: 11
  • App size: 257 MB (after installation 735.5 MB)
Null's Clash 15.83

Commands on the server Null’s Clash (codes):

  • /help – show available commands.
  • /full – upgrade all buildings in your village to max level for current town hall.
  • /asp – attack your base.
  • /clean – reset account.
  • /crazyskins – enable/disable king skin for barbarians and queen skin for archers.
  • /g – switch global chat.
  • /max – set maxiumum of elixir, gold and other resources.
  • /min – set minimum of elixir, gold and other resources.
  • /th level – upgrade town hall to specified level.
  • /status – Request server status (shows version, how much is online and other information).

Commands must be entered in the clan chat.

What is available on the server:

  • Last level town hall and units.
  • Clan Battles.
  • Unlimited resources and gems.
  • Builder’s village with online battles.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Quick commands to speed up leveling up.
  • Clan capitals.

What’s new in 15.83.20

  • New super warrior - Super Miner
  • New scenery and skins
  • Implemented leader's path
  • December balance change
  • A lot of improvements
Install directly from our website
Install #1 Install #2
  1. On this page from your iOS device, click on “Install” (select one of the links provided, if one doesn’t work, try another).
  2. Then wait for the installation to complete, the speed depends on the server load and your internet connection speed. Next, you will try to launch the game and you will be notified that you need to confirm the launch of the game. This is very easy to do in the settings. Click on “Cancel” and go to the device settings.
  3. In the Settings, go to -> General -> VPN and device management -> Choose where it says “Not Trusted” -> Click on the “Trust” button.

After that, you can launch Null’s Royale and enjoy the game.

Dwonload Null’s Clash 15.83.20 by direct link.