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Null’s Clash – the latest APK version for Android

Private server or hacked Clash of Clans with TH 15 and BH 2.0 based on the client version 15.352.6  for Android.

The best private server in the Clash of Clans universe in which there are no restrictions. Null’s Clash will allow you to play clan games and participate in capital battles with maximum pumping.

Null’s Clash v.15.352.6 with TH 15 and BH 2.0

  • Last update: 25.06.2023
  • Client version: 15.352.6
  • Server version: 2.20.1
  • Minimum Android version: 5+
  • Application size: 329 Mb (after installation 800 Mb)
Nulls Clash

Commands on the server Null’s Clash (codes):

  • /help – show available commands.
  • /full – upgrade all buildings in your village to max level for current town hall.
  • /asp – attack your base.
  • /clean – reset account.
  • /crazyskins – enable/disable king skin for barbarians and queen skin for archers.
  • /g – switch global chat.
  • /max – set maxiumum of elixir, gold and other resources.
  • /min – set minimum of elixir, gold and other resources.
  • /th level – upgrade town hall to specified level.
  • /status – Request server status (shows version, how much is online and other information).

Commands must be entered in the clan chat.

What is available on the server:

  • Last level town hall and units.
  • New troops: Apprentice Warden and Super Hog Rider
  • New scenery.
  • Clan Battles.
  • Unlimited resources and gems.
  • Builder’s village with online battles.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Quick commands to speed up leveling up.
  • Clan capitals.

What’s new in 15.352.6

  • Updated to the latest version Null's Clash 15.352.6
  • Added new levels
  • Added new unit - Apprentice Warden
  • Added Super Hog Rider
  • Added new magic items
  • New skins and scenery added
  • Minor improvements

The latest changes on Null’s Clash:

  • Updating the client to the latest version.
  • Added BH 2.0 update.

Download Null’s Clash 15.352.6 by direct link.