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Null’s Clash v.15.352.6 with the Apprentice Warden and Super Hog Rider

We’re excited to bring you a quick update of our Null’s Clash private server to the latest version 15.352.6 for Android and 15.352.4 for iOS. This update is full of new features and improvements that are sure to please you!

One of the main features of the new version is the addition of a new unit, the Apprentice Warden, which is available in the Dark Barracks. The Keeper’s Apprentice is able to support your troops with its unique ability, as well as actively attack your enemies. You will be able to read more about his abilities when you play.

Apprentice Warden - Nulls Clash

We are also pleased to announce that the new version has added new levels for buildings and many units. You will now be able to upgrade your dragon to level 10, and he will get a new look. In addition, new hero skins have been added, including League Champion, League King, League Queen and League Guardian.

League skins on Nulls Clash

These incredible hero looks are perfectly complemented by new base designs, which can now be applied not only in the main village, but also in the builder’s village. For example, we have added a new design for the military base called War Arena Scenery.

But that’s not all! We are also pleased to present you with a new super unit, Super Hog Rider. Super Hog Rider has received a significant enhancement and is now able to split up when destroyed, which opens up new strategic options when attacking. We are sure that you will have fun experimenting with this new unit.

And don’t forget the new location in Builder’s Hall 2.0! You will now be able to level up the BH itself to level 10 and the OTTO Outpost now has a maximum level of 10.

The Builder’s Hall has become a true game of strategic attacks, so dare to build exciting bases and compete with your opponents at the highest levels.

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