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The Null’s Clash update with TH 16 and hero equipment (16.0.8)

The Null’s Clash update with TH 16 and hero equipment (16.0.8)

The private server for the famous game of clan wars has been updated to version 16.0.8, featuring a new town hall level, new abilities for heroes, and much more.

The update is quite substantial, introducing numerous new levels for buildings and an interesting ability to combine cannons and archer towers into one powerful defensive structure. It looks quite intriguing, for example, a ricochet cannon can hit several targets with a single bullet, and a tower full of archers, officially named the Multi-Archer Tower, attacks multiple targets simultaneously.

Null’s Clash 16.0.8

Null's Clash 16.0.8

The next major innovation is the Blacksmith, where you can distribute equipment for heroes. Now heroes possess various abilities and you can choose among them. On the server, you can obtain all the equipment in just a few clicks. Be sure to try out all the equipment for all the heroes and don’t forget to apply cool new skins for them.

Hero equipment in Nulls Clash

You can download and install the server with the 16th level town hall and new equipment for heroes on both iOS and Android devices via direct links.

What’s new?

  • Update to version 16.0.8
  • New 16th level town hall
  • Blacksmith and equipment for heroes
  • New pet: Spirit Fox
  • New warrior: Root Rider
  • New levels

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