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Null's Clash Update 16.137.13 with the Overgrowth Spell

Null’s Clash Update 16.137.13 with the Overgrowth Spell

The latest update of our private server introduces a new spell, additional levels, and fresh balance changes.

This update has served as an extra effort to improve the server side by fixing minor bugs. Previously, you might have encountered various glitches which were mentioned in our social media and comments. We closely monitor the community and your feedback, therefore, we dedicated a bit more time to error analysis, which is why the new version was released with a slight delay.

Overgrowth Spell

Overgrowth Spell - Null's Clash

We are pleased to announce a new spell that can be upgraded to the maximum level in just a few clicks. It’s a great opportunity to explore and practice certain tactics using the new Overgrowth Spell.

The Overgrowth Spell in action

Here’s a brief about it: it wraps the nearest structures with strong roots, blocking defensive buildings from attacking. Troops ignore the affected buildings. The preparation time is 6 minutes, the action distance is 14 cells, and the target type is ground.

Chat Transformation


The chat now looks completely different, as we’ve adapted all the new functionalities. Now, you can pin messages in the chat, a quite important feature and strange why it only appeared now. Your clanmates will not miss important messages, try to organize a cool clan and compete for the top places in the leaderboard. But that’s not all, another interesting feature has been added, which are reactions to messages. Now, getting feedback on replays or other messages is much easier and the chat will be less cluttered.

Change List:

  • New Overgrowth Spell
  • New levels for buildings and troops
  • Improved chat with a new design, reactions, and emojis, as well as the ability to pin messages
  • Fresh balance changes
  • Many bugs fixed

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