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Null’s Clash 16.386.9 with the Druid (.ipa and .apk)

Null’s Clash 16.386.9 with the Druid (.ipa and .apk)

Our server, based on the legendary game, has been updated with the new warrior Druid!

This time, we managed to release the update quite quickly. If you are subscribed to our Telegram, you have probably already downloaded and explored the world of Clash without restrictions. This world now includes a new warrior, the Druid—a new healer who can transform into an angry bear. We liked this character, and we successfully adapted him on our server.

Null’s Clash 16.386.9

Null’s Clash with Druid

Get ready for an exciting update in Null’s Clash, bringing a lot of new content and improvements to the game. Here’s what’s new in this major update:

New Warrior – The Druid! Meet the newest warrior in your army—the Druid. This versatile unit heals and supports your troops by day, but when the battle heats up, he transforms into a huge, fierce bear ready to demolish enemy defenses. His dual abilities make him indispensable on the battlefield.

Builder’s Apprentice Introducing the Builder’s Apprentice, who can accelerate the upgrade time of any building. This new feature will allow your base to grow and strengthen faster than ever.

New Tactical View Now you can assess the range and level of selected buildings during attack preparation. This will help you plan and execute your attacks more effectively.

Hard Mode Now you can increase the difficulty in friendly challenges and friendly wars! This mode will add a new level of challenge and variety to your battles.

No Restrictions! Max out your village in seconds. All you need to do is build an unbeatable base. Commands for quick upgrades can be found on the download page below.

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