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Update of Null’s Clash — Private Server with TH 12 (v.10.322)

Update of Null’s Clash — Private Server with TH 12 (v.10.322)

We are glad to announce a new version of the Null’s Clash private server! We upgraded the server to the current version of Clash of Clans and now it has TX 12 and other improvements.

Not so quickly we were able to implement some tasks to update the server to the 12th Town Hall. But having determined and having performed other tasks, we proceeded to update the internal code of the server. This is a long and tedious process, but we managed and as always did everything in the best possible way. In addition to other improvements, we faced with many problems to be addressed at the very first minute. We had activists who happily tested our creation. As a result, Null’s Clash got all the new features and retained the old ones. You can also use codes that quickly upgrade your base to the maximum level.

Town Hall of 12 Level at the Null’s Clash Server

Null's Clash - TH 12

Our server is a simulator and completely duplicates the features of the original game version. But all the same time, it’s a private server and we do not need any limits. Therefore, we added an unlimited number of crystals and also resources. As well, we removed restrictions on the fence, you can get the 13th fence level for each section.

Electro Dragon - Null's Clash

We also did not forget about the new unit and added Electro Dragon. You can use it just like in the original game version.

The game also now has a new concept of interaction with troops from the clan fortress. Namely, some wagons named as siege machines. We managed to write additional code for them and reveal their full features at Null’s Clash.

Siege Machines - Null's Clash

TH 12 and Its 5 Levels

At the “/full” command you get the initial TH 12 level. But as long as you already know, level 12 of the Town Hall is divided into several levels. Therefore, to get additional stages to upgrade, we do it manually. It is not difficult and you will not have to wait. After you click on the update, the village will be reset and save the new level at TH 12.

5 levels TH 12 - Null's Clash

Builder Base

We also did not forget the second village and left it unchanged. We had to work a little so that it would also function as before. Recall that you get the 8th level of the builder’s house, the maximum level of the combat vehicle and all units. After that you will be able to fight with opponents on equal terms.

Builder Base - Null's Clash

Recall, the Null’s Clash server currently serves as a simulator. And so far it is not known whether we will add modified buildings or troops. But we promise that we’ll think about this and maybe we will organize voting in social networks.

List of changes at the Null's Clash TH 12 server:

What’s New?

  • New Town Hall 12 (th12);
  • All types of TH12 modifications;
  • Siege machines;
  • Electro Dragon;
  • Added new levels for structures;
  • Added the base duplicating feature;
  • Added the /help command (shows the available commands in the global chat);


  • You can now change nickname once every 7 days;
  • Deleted /savebase, /hero and /m commands;
  • You can now upgrade heroes in the game;
  • Fixed bugs with /clean and /full commands;
  • Appended and rewrote a large portion of code;
  • Many small fixes;

Download server Null's Clash TH 12 - (10.322)

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