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Null's Clash TH 15 v.15.0.2

Null’s Clash TH 15 v.15.0.2

Null’s Clash has received an update to version 15.0.2 with a new town hall level 15.

After important technical changes on the server, Null’s Team started updating the client. We managed to implement all the necessary features for iOS and Android devices. The new town hall level brought a lot of new content into the game, such as many new levels of buildings and units. Added a new warrior Electro Titan, a siege machine Battle Drill and a Recall spell. All of these you can pump in seconds, with quick codes that you enter in the clan chat. Also on the server there is a global chat, which was removed in the original game.

Null’s Clash 15.0.2 – Town Halls 15

Nulls Clash 15.0.2 TH 15

What’s new:

  • New level 15 town hall.
  • New Warrior: Electro Titan
  • New Recall Spell
  • New Siege Machine: Battle Drill
  • New scenery have been added.
  • Many new levels, both for buildings, units, and heroes.
  • New pets: Diggy, Frosty, Poison Lizard and Phoenix.
  • The latest balance changes.
  • Many improvements and increased stability.

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