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Null’s Clash - the Clash of Clans Server from Opegit Studio

Null’s Clash — the Clash of Clans Server from Opegit Studio

We are glad to announce the release of the Null’s Clash server! This is the best and most stable private Clash of Clans server!

Our server is individual, as we created it based on our proprietary engine. We implemented all the features as in the original Clash of Clans. At the moment, Null’s Clash supports the 11th level of the Town Hall, but we are already working on TH 12. Thus, our server is periodically updated and provided with all the most important innovations.

The basic village to the Null’s Clash server

Initially, the server was divided into two clients, with a common and a builder’s village. But many people complained that this is very inconvenient and we decided to combine the servers. To do this, we had to re-write our engine and combine two villages. We managed to implement this task and make one of the best servers.

Null's Clash

The common village on the server has all the features as in the original version of the game. But naturally, without any limitations in terms of development and resources. You can improve your village in two clicks, just entering one or two commands.

Upgrades of heroes

Our server supports the development of heroes via commands. For example, you can set the maximum level of development with “/make” command.

Command Make - Null's Clash

You can also assign an individual level to any hero using the “/hero” command.

Command Hero - Null's Clash

How to upgrade everything to the max level?

We took care of your time and added the “/full” command not to develop each building manually. It improves all buildings to the maximum level. Thus, you get the maximum level at the 11 Town Hall.

Command full - Null's Clash

But if you want to get rid of all the buildings, we also added the corresponding “/clean” command.

Command Clean - Null's Clash

Saving the layout

If you have built a very cool base and want to save it or share it with everyone who plays on the server, you can load it into the list of databases by using the “/savebase” command.

Command savebase - Null's Clash

Builder’s village

Building Hall - Null's Clash

The builder’s village completely copies the features of the common village. The commands described for the common village are also suitable for the builder’s village. After combining two servers, we managed to implement battles without errors. When attacking, you compete with a real player, so the bases are always individual.

The Null’s Clash private server is a complete simulator of the original game, but with no restrictions. Therefore, you have at your disposal an unlimited number of crystals and resources that you can spend at your own discretion.

Why should you download and play on the Null’s Clash server?

  • With us you can play at the maximum upgrade levels;
  • We have competitions for the cups (it makes sense to attack);
  • Our server has  commands for quick development;
  • Our server offers clan wars;
  • The night village was renovated to the level 8 building hall;
  • We have a premium version;
  • The server is hosted on a high-performance VPS and works 24/7;

Download Null's Clash

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      I played null’s clash since 2019.04.17
      I remember that there was /sethero command to set the hero level

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