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Download Null's Clash v.13.675.6 - winter update with Super Wizard and Ice Hound

Download Null’s Clash v.13.675.6 – winter update with Super Wizard and Ice Hound

Null’s Clash big update under version 13.675.6, which adds December update content.

We are glad to announce a new version of the Null’s Clash private server with new super troops. At the moment, this is the first server with the December update, where 99% of all innovations have been added. Our team has done a lot of work on the new version. At the moment you will not find the winter scenery, it will appear a little later in the big server update.

Added new scenery

New Scenery on the Null's Clash

At the moment, all the current base designs have been added, except for the Epic Winter one. To select a specific background, you need to click on the town hall and click on the button “Chamge Scemery”. Next, you will have access to all kinds of base styling on a private server. We also managed to find a change in the scenery for the builder’s village, but there are no decorations, so we did not add this functionality.

Builder Base Scenery

As we already wrote, the Epic Winter Scenery will be added a little later. Follow the news of our social networks.

New super troops

New Super Troops on the Null's Clash

There are currently 11 Super Troops available on the server, including the new Super Wizard and the Ice Hound. These cool units are accessible and can be used in battle. Also note that super units are activated for an hour, so you can try anyone in a short period of time.

Super Wizard and Ice Hound – Null's Clash

New Siege Machine

New siege machine – Log Launcher

One of the important updates is the siege machine “Log Launcher”, it also appeared on our server. It is a cool and powerful attack machine that will affect many tactics. With us you can unlock it and pump it to the maximum level using just one command.

New Invisibility Spell

New Spell - Invisibility Spell

Also, a new spell has been added to Null’s Clash in the updated version. It is called “Invisibility Spell” and unfortunately not everyone can get it on the official server, since at least 11 level of the town hall and 5 level of the spell factory are required. Therefore, you can always try a new spell at the maximum level with all the pumped heroes, troops on our server.

New levels and skins

New levels and skins on the Null's Clash

Also, all current levels of buildings, troops, spells and an additional 5 levels for the Royal Champion were added to the server. We have added the entire collection of skins for each hero, so on our server you can collect all the themes of the pirate style. To do this, select a pirate design, skins and do not forget to build a powerful base.

All winter decoration – Nulls Clash

Do not forget to go to the decorations section in the shop, there you can find all the holiday obstacles.

Changes in Null’s Clash 13.675.6:

  • Added new base scenery;
  • Added new skins for heroes;
  • Added new levels of buildings, troops and spells;
  • December balance change introduced;
  • Added a new Invisibility spell;
  • Added a new siege machine – Log Launcher;
  • Added 2 new super troops – Super Wizard and Ice Hound;
  • Improved “/full” command, now it improves everything, buildings, troops, spells and heroes;
  • The mechanics of the “/th” and “/full” commands no longer reload the game;
  • Minor improvements;


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