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Download Null's Clash v.13.180 - Super Troops & new levels

Download Null’s Clash v.13.180 – Super Troops & new levels

Update Null’s Clash private server to version 13.180 with Super Troops and new levels.

Null’s Clash is our first private server, it has existed for more than one year and at the moment it is the second most visited server. Therefore, improving and updating the server is very important for us. This time the update is very cool, as several new troops finally appeared. Many new levels and other innovations have also appeared. The list of changes is very large, we worked on each of them.

Update Null’s Clash to the latest version 13.180:

Null's Clash 13.180

Let’s start with the main screenshot, where all the innovations are visible. In addition to the new levels for the structure and the heroes, the most interesting is the new building near the trader.

Super Troops on Nulls Clash

Have a desire to try all the super troops? You came to the address! That’s because on the Nulls Clash server you can try every super troops. At the moment, the functionality limits the use of 4 super troops at once. To unlock another super troop, you will need to reset the village using the “/clean” command. In the future, we will try to understand logistics and unlock all the upgraded units at once.

Builder village on Nulls Clash 13.180

The builder village has also updated, removed the training time of the troops, and also made actual balance changes. The server has online battles, so you can compete in skill attacks at the maximum levels of units.

Changes Null’s Clash v.13.180:

  • Add super troops;
  • Add new levels buildings;
  • Add new levels heroes;
  • Add new levels troops;
  • Update changes balance;
  • Update builder village;
  • Update interface;
  • And more…


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