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Download Null’s Clash 14.93.2 with a Dragon Rider and a Rocket Balloon

The first private server with full simulation of the game, including clan wars and new content with the Dragon Rider and other improvements.

Recently, Clash of Clans is updated by seven-world steps, on this, even top players do not have time to pump their bases. If the builder hall is not developing for more than a year, the usual village has become tremended. On this we offer you to plunge into the world of Clash without restrictions. You can do this on the updated version of the Null’s Clash Private Server under version 14.93.2. Here you can pump your village on any level of TH and BH, for this you will need only a couple of teams that you need to enter the clan chat. In addition, the game added a global chat that was disconnected in the official version. In the chat you can assemble a powerful clan with which you can participate in fast clan wars.

Null’s Clash 14.93.2

Null's Clash 14.93.2

In the penultimate level of the Town Hall, another powerful air warrior opens. It is very similar to the dragon, but it is a skeleton on a flying design. This character is very powerful, and it is possible to open it only on TH 13 with 15 levels of the barracks. Not everyone can unlock it in the original game, but on our server anyone. You can do this using several commands or manually, spending endless resources.

Nulls Clash Super Troops

In one update, two new characters are coming out if one has already told about one, then the second is super troop. This is another character that can be improved and make it more powerful. This time, the boost received a Balloon that is converted to a “Rocket Balloon”, which is equipped with accelerators and flies into battle on all pairs. You can get this fighter from 12 Town Hall level, also from the 8th level of the Balloon.

Null's Clash 14.93.2 – new skins and scenery

Also on the server a lot of new content appeared on the appearance. For example, added the scenery of the war base and for the native base. In addition, new skins added for heroes, if some skin is missing, it will appear automatically later.


  • Added new unit – Dragon Rider
  • Added new supervoin – Rocket Balloon
  • Added new levels of builders and units
  • Modified the possibility of turning the base in the map editor
  • Added new scenery bases
  • Added new skins for heroes
  • Added the ability to change the deployment bar size
  • Small improvements and improvements


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